Atalanta Rule

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A young Rilaoan tries to bury her guilt about her role in hiding the truth about human testing at RARC by pretending to be an undercover CIA agent in search of a kill switch to stop the mass genocide of the undocumented lower level Rilaoans and refugees.

An orphan from the lower level, raised without her third limb by RARC’s secret society. She employs her looks and charisma as a top PR agent quieting the weekly scandal and leaks purged from RARC’s ill ethics and secrecy.

She becomes obsessed with her own grand role in exposing RARC’s big lie. In her mind she’s Atlanta Rule, hyper-intelligent, super agent on assignment from the CIA to infiltrate RARC. By day, she’s a top PR agent.

Haunted by the tragedy of her own chance rise from the undocumented lower level, the disappearance of her parents, the lies she’s forced to swallow everyday.

The guilt and impossibility of her position is driving her mad. Lately, she’s been slipping in and out of character. She’s become a liability. After a disastrous press conference, Atlanta begins collecting (planting) evidence. Today, she smuggles a lone set of triple handcuffs from the main building.

On the beach, she pulls a large, weathered stand up bass case from the wake and sets the CUFFS inside with other found objects: foreign language postcards, detailed lower level escape plans, photographs/documentation of the disappeared persons, poems, an Oculus Rift, a broken laptop, et al… BENEATH THE PIER, Atalanta tries to reckon with it all, stuck in place.

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Curated by of University of Southern California.


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