A State of Trauma

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A sudden shift in the tectonic plates have changed the world’s geography and caused a chain of natural disasters which have left the world in a state of deep crisis. in an attempt to save Los Angeles, the only remnant of the west coast of North America, the US military has harnessed it to the floating remnants of Rio de Janeiro, and anchored the two together.

The Rilao project examines “appropriate” human responses to trauma, by designing four social systems indicative of what such a traumatic event may lead to.

The Controlled zone, in which people are doing all they can to prepare for another disaster: The Fantastical zone, where people escape into fantasy and leisure: The Memorial zone, in which people preserve everything possible of the lives they used to have, and the Experimental zone, in which people use whatever resources they have to solve the situation.

In between roam the refugees of Rilao.

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Curated by of Royal College of Art.