World Port Rilao

The Rilao megaharbor is not just based upon the idea to funnel all knowledge and goods that pass through the archipelago. Through the commercialisation of 3D-printing demands for the 3D-printing resources have increased dramatically. The resources are developed in very different locations throughout the world, as circumstances in a local area are better to produce on material than another. This causes a surge in worldwide transportations, especially now that international conflict has subsided. This causes a demand for more efficient transportation than ships and airplanes.

The megaharbor is a self-sustaining off shore harbor and transport hub. It features four groundbreaking technologies. The first is access to superships. These massive ships, the size of a small city, can only sail the deepest seas. Due to the fact that the megaharbor is offshore, they have no problem accessing the harbors. The harbors are connected to the mainland by trains. Not just any train, but a Maglev-no resistance train. By having the trains travel though a four layered pipe with a continues vacuum the trains suffer no resistance and can pick up speeds of 8000 km/h. The trains take any resources from the harbors to the mainland in seconds.