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Urban Eye presents a dystopian portrait of Rilao in a post-Assange/Snowden/WikiLeaks world where all data has been acquired by the State, and where there is no longer any escape.

The world has changed. Privacy is a thing of the past; every tweet, comment, and like is being watched. The Earth has become a network: no longer an organism for supporting life but a pit of terabytes. It was sold to us as a means to make our lives easier. We loved this new level of convenience. We fed it constantly with our personal data. But they took everything. Our most private data was known to them. You were no longer considered a person; you were a dataset to be sold and traded. Our online profiles were more important than our physical bodies. If you opposed the system, you wouldn’t go missing like the old days; your online profile would be erased. Without it, you had no access to services, your home, or even communication.

Those that oppose the system are erased.

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