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When the plague re-emerged in Rilao, a “retired and rehabilitated plague doctor” joined the bio-punks against RARC to use them to gain access and get a new strain of the plague. Once had he re-engineers it into a biotech weapon that immediately attacks any technology attached to the body as a conduit for the plague to enter the nervous system and destroy the body from the inside out. His plan is to reinstitute the plague and the quarantine giving rise and power back to the plague doctors.

At the same time: A young woman Mwezi from the Muka Reatai craves the world above and the technology that would make their lives easier. She is a builder and fights against the traditions of her people and feels there is a better way. She feels like their world is too small and in order to survive they must expand beyond the Atole. She has found her way to the top before into the narrows where she saw robots terraforming the land and she has had a plan to get one and bring it back home.

At the same time: A young woman who calls herself Ravi though named Ravina from the Sky Ring whose parents are big in Muka Oil “or so she thinks” is getting yet another boitat to piss off her parents and planning another raid on a Muka oil extraction plant to save as many Muka trees as she can. She has been planning this for months and tonight is the night and in order to pull this off her first order of business is to get a terraforming robot from the narrows. Though before that, as a part of the biopunk movement she first must help them break into RARC then they will help her destroy the plant.

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