The Boomerang Bin

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The Boomerang Bin system is used in all of Alea. The special recycling system uses special garbage bins which every citizen of Alea owns. The bin will automatically indicate when it is “full.” All full bins are now part of the game in which the rule is simple: if your bin was full first, your neighbour is allowed to put their full bin next to yours, meaning you’ll now also have to pay for their disposal. With this smart system, Aleans will want to make sure that their bin is not full before the bin of their neighbours.

This system is ideal and perfect for creating a greener and eco-friendlier island. Sadly, it also has an unforeseen side effect in some more asocial streets, since inversely the rules also promote filling up your bin with trash as soon as possible and moving it to your neighbour as soon as theirs is full. That way one can pay nothing at all.

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