Temple of Sonic Consciousness

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The Temple of Sonic Consciousness is a sacred space that is mapped on the Seed Of Life pattern, with the aim of providing a spiritual, meditative journey into one’s own consciousness, through the use of motion and sound. A participant can move through the zones of consciousness, as marked by the circles, and experience the various sensations and emotions experienced within each zone, through the use of sacred sounds and frequencies.

Sound waves, along with movement, have the potential to create a sense of free flow, as long as the participant fully surrenders to the synergetic experience of motion and sound.

A participant may start with keeping a track of consciously moving within the confines of the sacred geometric pattern, but upon surrendering to the experience, will subconsciously switch to feeling the way sound is interacting in different areas relative to the direction of movement.

The installation aims to create an imaginary dimension of sound waves, in which a participant can be immersed sonically, and be able to map their frame or bearings using the interaction between movement and sound as their guide.

The experience aims to fully immerse the participant in a sound bath, where they can let go of conscious thinking and dive deep into the depths of their subconscious mind.

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Curated by of University of Southern California.


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