Robotic Soundscape

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The soundscape illustrates the day in the life in the favelas.

Young children play in the street with their dogs, just as a giant construction drone arrives for its scheduled from the city. The animals are naturally frightened by the throbbing vibrations of the machine and seek shelter. However, the children welcome the giant machine and admire the infinite power of the tentacles as they grapple the buildings, wash windows, and repair cracks.

Some kids try to play with it, while another kid gets sprayed with the carbon fiber paste. The robot begins vigorously scrubbing the building, removing excess vegetation and oxidization from the sea air.

An overworked wife cooks and watches her favorite telenovela on tv, “Ugly Betty.” She notices her frightened dog scratching at the door and lets him in. The baby cries due to the loud noise, however today has been too long for the mother. Instead she turns up the TV volume, sips her coffee, and waits for the robot to finish work.

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Curated by of University of Southern California.


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