Rilao Construction Robots

The city of Rilao has construction robots that are necessary to navigate the complex relationships between a rapidly growing population, increasing disparity in wealth and social status, and vegetation and animal life.

Currently the cutting edge in construction is done through quadcopter robots carrying construction material and laying it down in specific places; they can be sent in fleets to construct things quickly.

The Generation I robots are used for construction and maintenance of buildings. They can also assist with agricultural and other labor needs. Designed to build structures for everything in Favela Rilao, these robots can access places too difficult for normal construction technology. The robots float above the city and use tentacles to reach down into typically inaccessible areas. The tentacles can climb up the faces of buildings to reach other areas. The main reservoir part of the robots range between 10 and 20 feet in width and length.

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Curated by of University of Southern California.