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Without plants, we cannot survive. Plants provide us with food, medicine, cosmetics and oxygen. Yet many people do not recognize this importance, and forget plants are living beings too. We unconsciously think of plants as mere objects or decoration. To change this point of view, the inhabitants of Alea play an ongoing game with their houseplants. This game intertwines the lives of humans and plants. By measuring the needs of your houseplant, you will know what it needs. Shortcomings of your plant will be embedded into your own life.

What will happen to you when your plant doesn’t get enough water? What if your plant gets too much sun? Sensors, attached to plants will upload warnings and this data in turn will be translated to physical reprimands for humans, like electric shocks, a non-functional water cooler and no more internet access. This game has been installed and sanctioned by the local authorities that believe in the motto “Plants First, Humans Second.”

This game will physically affect our daily lives. Entire neighbourhoods may find themselves without heating, were they to forget to take care of the plants in their community.

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Curated by and of Rotterdam University.


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