Initials EP

While rebuilding a series of STEMs, a tunnel was discovered leading to an arena carved into the hillside. At the center of the arena was an altar carved from the coral, bearing several artifacts labeled with the initials ‘E.P.’ A nested series of locked stone boxes contained a number of vials – doses of antidote for the plague. As these were controlled by the state, the presence of this artifact confirmed the presence of a subversive group, dedicated to a person, one ‘E.P.’

Mukulai Pudding Recipe

Makes about 1 cup of pudding or two 1 inch pancakes

1) Collect 15 ounces of Muka Tree sap oil

2) Bring oil to a boil and set aside for 12 hours

3) By the 13th hour, the Muka Tree sap oil should coagulate to form a gelatinous consistency

4) Eat as is with your morning tea or coffee, use it as a spread for your toast, or combine with grains to create pancakes